Products supporting Digital Transformation

Products building Digital Maturity of your company!

  • AIDAR LMS is a modern LMS platform for virtual and augmented reality-based on artificial intelligence introducing an effective and innovative way of educating employees
  • IAMBOT provides a solution that allows companies to automate conversations with clients using the latest machine learning achievements


  • Digital Knowledge Base
  • Interactive VR / AR trainings 
  • Remote Support
  • Multimodal conversations
  • Self-service systems
  • Automation of client support

Be ahead of your competition!

Kogifi is not only a company that has been successfully cooperating with world-renowned suppliers of IT solutions and platforms for years, but it is also the manufacturer of its own innovative technological solutions, which aim at helping in the digital transformation of enterprises. The Kogifi products are based on both augmented and virtual reality as well as on artificial intelligence.

The Kogifi offer includes, inter alia, products such as IAMBOT, AIDAR LMS, remote training, and innovative solutions of communication tunneling and its effective conversion. We also provide care for our specialists 24 hours a day/7 days a week. We support modern companies with innovative technologies. All this means that our products are implemented by business giants. Tell us how we can help you!

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Digital Transformation

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