We help to INCREASE the scale and quality of patient care

We support hospitals and medical clinics

  • We address the avalanche need for online medical consultations
  • We implement online systems and mobile applications
  • We help to increase the scale of patient service


  • We implement online stores:
    • Payment Gateway:
      • subscriptions
      • Single visits
  • We integrate reservation systems
  • We create patient portals:
    • Data transmission Test results
    • X-rays
  • We integrate remote communication tools
Remote patient support
  • Integration with teleconference systems:
    • i.a. Microsoft Teams
  • Integration with eRecepta systems
  • Electronic sick leave
  • Integration with IOT systems
  • Personnel remote diagnostic systems
Artificial intelligence
  • We direct online inquiries to SI
  • We help diagnose the patient's problem
  • We queue queries
  • We increase the efficiency of the medical team
Maintenance 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Dedicated IT infrastructure
  • Cloud solutions
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Cyber security
  • GDPR compliance

Digital patient support solutions

Terms such as e-medicine, e-prescription or e-visit are gaining popularity, which is not surprising given the ever-faster pace of life of modern societies and the problems associated with events such as the coronavirus pandemic, which paralyzed most of the world in the first half of 2020. Telemedicine works in conditions when the patient has no physical possibility to appear in the doctor's office. Of course, digital patient service will not replace 100% traditional medicine and doctor visits, but it can and is a perfect complement to the existing stationary system.

We use digital platforms known to us to quickly implement a strategy that optimizes the quantity and quality of interaction with patients. Our artificial intelligence IAMBOT helps to queue and group patient queries. Our e-commerce system based on Magento guarantees an increased scale of transactions related to patient service. Ask our experts what system can be implemented in your company!

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Our clients' success stories:

Orbico Style

Orbico Style began active sales of its clients' products on-line using the Adobe Magento solution. Incorrectly implemented CMS has many negative consequences.

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