We create VIRTUAL models that teach the necessary practice

We enable knowledge propagation in the company

  • We secure the problem of storing practical knowledge
  • We care about updating knowledge bases
  • We address the problem of knowledge succession in a company


Digital Knowledge Base
  • We collect KNOW-HOW in the company
  • We create training content
  • We constantly update the knowledge base
AR / VR content
  • We create 3d models:
    • machinery
    • components
    • production lines
Simultaneous trainings
  • We create digital training scenarios
  • We enable cooperation between training participants
Gamification of trainings
  • We design experience levels
  • We program training paths
  • We compare the results of participants

We care about continuity and stability of work in enterprises

Furthermore, we took care of the manufacturing sector by offering it a new solution which is training for the industry, which enables addressing staffing problems that industrial companies are currently facing. We create the enterprise knowledge base and transfer it to the AR and VR worlds to make it easily propagated. The Coronavirus epidemic and related restrictions showed us the importance of remote training, thanks to which we can train employees who are anywhere in the world without the need to visit the registered office or production hall of the company. We teach crane operations, welding, manual work on the production line, and complex manufacturing processes. We address the large problem of knowledge succession for experienced employees.

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Our clients' success stories:

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

One of the most innovative Mercedes factories in the world has equipped its training team with the AIDAR LMS solution.

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