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AIDAR combines the power of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to reduce field maintenance costs. It uses holographic glasses, to provide access to relevant data and product manuals as well as enables collaboration with remote experts.

Field maintenance made simple and cost efficient

Speed-up the skill acquisition of your workers. Up to 40% faster 

Improve efficiency reducing travel time

Bring experts in

zero time to the

place, the help is needed. Enable local partners to deliver

on expert level

Improve the profitability

Knowledge Sharing made easy. Add checklist, tutorial your team is working at new solutions.

Reduce the downtime for your customer, get greater satisfaction

Higher motivation for your team. Not search but getting the right information. 


Use the data as Ground Truth for your AI system

Integrate with IIOT. Bring the contextual information. Interact.

AR is the right human <—> knowledge interface

Improve your processes over the time

Knowledge management and collaboration in Augmented Reality

With AIDAR one can easily create and manage training videos and scripts. Remote remote collaboration feature, allows users to interact with each other while remain hands-free to to focus on production challenges and support issues. System's backend can be deployed on top of Azure stack to lower cost of its maintenance, or within customer's premises when data security and compliancy are utmost priorities. 

Reduces information overload

Decreases cost of training and improves its efficiency

Significantly improves access to contextually relevant data

Provides hands-on access to expert-level operation manuals of the equipment and utilisation optimization hints

Self creation of manuals

Skill mastery


Muscle memory

Quality improvement


Practical experience with no risk


Multi-user, parallel trainings

Enables local partners and associates to perform at expert level


Brings experts in no-time to the place where help is needed


Reduces downtimes

Improves efficiency and reduces cost by making expert travels obsolete

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