Build your dedicated team of IT specialists 


Focus on your goal and let Kogifi deliver the project


Start winning the next phases of Digital Transformation 

Three different models to our services

  • The dedicated team might be the very first step to Project Delivery and 24/7 Support services
  • All of these are the entry to full trust in our greater Digital Transformation offering 



  • Define the need
  • Onboard your team
  • Use the additional capacity
Project delivery
  • Define your goal
  • Project your budget
  • Demand KPI based results
Digital Transformation
  • Build your ideal YOU
  • Define steps for transformation
  • Start the transformation 
Startup & Enterprise
  • Our processes are a good fit to enterprises and startups

Our experience proves, most of the great engagement comes with trust!

Our portfolio of great companies, both start-up, and enterprises, were built on the trust and quality of our services. We believe in our key values: Innovative, Reliable, Efficient 

We have developed our offering over projects delivered in the past years. We have observed that our outsourcing offering, is usually the very first step to greater cooperation. Starting with building dedicated teams gives our clients great feedback about our processes, quality, and enthusiasm.

Kogifi delivers full-scope projects helping clients resolve their RFP needs. We are starting with building working Proof of Concepts, designs, and then delivering projects in two weeks sprints, resulting in demos at the end of each sprint.

When the project is done and ready, we are here to launch 24/7 support for delivered applications and infrastructure. Our team speaks Polish, English, German, and Swedish. We are operating in Poland, Germany, Sweden, UK, and the USA. We often cooperate with local software and licensing providers, especially when we need to design 1st line support helping online users of our clients. 

Connecting all the parts of our offering we have proved to be very effective in helping our clients during digital transformation. We help design processes and automate them. We help redesign obstacle software. We help integrate sub-systems. We transform how users interact with online systems of clients making sure about growing conversation rates.

We have also developed our products to optimize online communication using Artificial intelligence Chatbot and online, based on Virtual and Augmented Reality Learning Management System to help employees of our clients gain knowledge and experience. 

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