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Artificial Intelligence powered by Machine Learning and Deep Learning changes gameplay in big data analysis, visual and audio data intelligence . Kogifi AI team will help you harness the power of AI and make it work to deliver advanced analytics and customer engagement.

Solutions Smarter than Ever

When it comes to making computer software smarter, our AI research team is here to help. 


Thanks to newest advancements in Machine Learning, including Deep Learning, we are able to analyse the data in unprecedented way, opening computer systems for new era of AI-powered software.


AI Use Cases

  • Online Computer Vision– AI systems can analyze the video and voice to quickly recognize issues, unusual situations, or track subjects. Computers can perform visual analytics, track items purchases or protect against theft and other crimes.

  • Natural Language Processing– we build conversational AI bots which enable users to interact with computers in natural and hassle free way. 

  • Advanced Personalization & Targeting engines – AI helps in harnessing vast amount of data to provide online recommendation, personalizationand targeting of products and services. We research, master and put into work cutting edge AI powered solutions enabling brands to build smarter and more engaging experiences, like Sitecore Cortex.


From in-store recommendations, music recognition apps to autonomous cars - deep learning enabled companies to deliver solutions smarter than ever without spending years on research and development of complex algorithms. Kogifi's delivers Deep Learning powered solutions powering Smart Commerce, Smart Living and Smart Cities,

Example use case - AI Merchandiser to help in Visual Merchandising


In store product detection on the shelves, handled by mobile app, enables brands to build rich analytics for their Visual Merchandising strategy. Thanks to AI engine, system can recognise products on the shelves, identify brand and flavour and generate reports on shelves positions of the brand vs competition..

We're proud to be part of NVIDIA Inception Program

Kogifi is a proud member of NVIDIA Inception Program gathering innovative companies utilising latest AI advancements in their solutions. See more on program website (external link).


Our team will help you architect and build cutting-edge AI powered systems.


State-of-art AI to deliver amazing Customer Experience. See Seremi and IamBot in action!


Our vision of commerce enabled by digital marketing platforms, AI, virtual reality and IoT,


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