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When it comes to coding things get serious. We work with range of market leading technologies capable to deliver well-tailored, scalable and maintainable solutions your business needs. No matter if it's Digital Marketing Platform, mobile app or bespoke project - we'll get you covered in time and budget at optimal quality level. 


We stay ahead of modern software delivery practices to make sure our efforts are spent efficiently and deliver best possible outcome, blended with industry standards and our vast experience in project delivery to achieve predictable results and quality. 


We employ best industry practices in software development to achieve optimal performance and quality our customers are looking for. 

  • Project Management – Agile/Scrum, Prince2/PMI (for enterprise customers)

  • Test Driven Development - quality assurance based on ISTQB standards, test automation

  • Advanced DevOps, Configuration as a Code (CaaC) - to reduce time to market and improve maintainability

  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment - increasing quality and getting project deliveries faster in production

We're strong proponents and practitioners of agile delivery principles, which aim to reduce time to market and overall uncertainty risk in software delivery projects, but we are no shy to traditional planning and delivery approaches, which resonate better with corporate governance and budgeting. 

Software delivery lifecycle lies at heart of Kogifi's delivery processes, connecting all stages of project planning, delivery, deployment and maintenance in self-improving cycle producing predictable and measurable outputs, reliably proving delivery ROI and generating feedback for further developments.



Our team will help you architect and build cutting-edge AI powered systems.


State-of-art AI to deliver amazing Customer Experience. See Seremi and IamBot in action!


Our vision of commerce enabled by digital marketing platforms, AI, virtual reality and IoT,

Would you like to learn more about our offering? Please contact me directly - Piotr Wawrzyniak, EVP IT Services 

Plac Solny 15, 50-062 Wrocław, Poland

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