We design, implement and maintain CORPORATE CMS websites

We support the corporate standard of information management

  • Dedicated corporate CMS systems.
  • An experienced team working on projects of Polish and foreign clients.
  • Attention to details of the delivery process at every stage.


  • Audit of requirements and workshops of key elements
    • client requirements
    • employee requirements
    • investors' requirements
  • UX/UI project according to vision or sales strategy
  • Selection of the CMS platform
    • Adobe AEM, Magnolia
    • Sitecore, Umbraco
    • Drupal
  • Infrastructure project
  • Based on the Agile / Scrum model providing the possibility of constant change implementation
  • Daily meetings following the progress of work and the allocation of work consumption
  • Meetings on progress, DEMO, biweekly. Launching the solution on a selected cloud or network infrastructure
  • Integration of the Enterprise CMS solution with other operating systems in organisational such as
    • ERP, CRM, DAM, PIM and others
  • Implementation of the GDPR policy and, more broadly, GDPR for global organisations
  • Further development of the functionality of the corporate website in the subscription model.
  • Care for system security and performance through the implementation of monitoring systems.
  • Access to a 24/7 support and maintenance line.

We help enterprises to implement global corporate solutions

Kogifi has been involved in the design, development and maintenance of corporate CMS (enterprise content management system - ECMS) for years - platforms that enable the rapid creation and maintenance of high-performance global web portals. The most popular ECMS platforms used by Kogifi include Adobe Experience Manager and Sitecore XP.

We developed a process for implementing corporate solutions. We are responsible for the entire implementation process, from designing and planning solutions, through their implementation to subsequent service or expansion. In addition, we help organizations whose initial implementation of Enterprise CMS did not bring the expected results in the reconstruction and development of a new digital marketing strategy. We conduct audits and training in digital marketing, as well as manage security and architecture. Our experts are available for you 24 hours a day/7 days a week to share their knowledge and many years of experience gained while working for Polish and global brands and corporations. Knowing that our clients organisations are constantly adapting to market requirements, we work in nimble manufacturing models that allow us to customise corporate solutions without stopping them.

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Our clients' success stories:

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise was very limited in its operations. The ability to use all the functionality of the Sitecore platform was a priority.

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