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AR/VR Chat Bot Vital parts of SMART Commerce

Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies are transitioning from their breakout, niche gaming market and spreading to the masses. Despite the fact that one-time purchases of AR and VR products are slowing down, consumers are increasingly interested in putting these investments to good use and companies are answering the call. Social media platforms, mobile apps, and even big names like Apple and Google are constantly looking to incorporate VR/AR technology in a way that creates an enjoyable and engaging user experience.

However, these advancements are generally being created for C2C (Consumer to Consumer) engagement. First and foremost considered to be a fun, recreational innovation for the gaming market, consumers are now finding more and more augmented and virtual reality outside of the gaming world. But the majority of this technology still has that same function of serving as a source of amusement and enhancing interactions betweens users (e.g. filters on popular social media apps such as Snapchat and Instagram, virtually zooming along a certain route via Maps, or getting an interactive and “ 360° ” look at a panorama picture posted on Facebook).

In order to stay relevant, changes must be made by the companies themselves in order to improve the B2C (Business to Consumer) relationship and provide more all-around meaningful interactions. We may be on the brink of a potential digital disruption, transitioning from the Digital Age as we know it today and moving towards a normalized XR (Extended Reality) state-of-being, with consumers and companies alike riding the wave toward a new way of navigating our day-to-day lives.

Kogifi recognised this potential, this opportunity for progress, and has taken action by investing in IAMBOT and MadeInPoint (owner of MadeInHolo) to offer these bits and pieces as one SMART Omni-channel solution. 

IAMBOT, the (R)Tech 2018 Innovation Award Winner, prides itself on “connecting retailers and brands directly to customers through conversational commerce”. Their AI-based chatbot automates sales and personalised offers based on preferences and past purchases, and also allows heightened, consistent, instantaneous customer service. Building trust and relationships with their users, this technology is compatible with Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, making it extremely accessible and enhancing that critical B2C relationship.

MadeInHolo is also incorporating AR into their automated chat feature and “making the inaccessible accessible at scale”. The MadeInHolo technology utilises the HoloLens in order to innovate, design, stream, and share mixed reality experiences. Virtual training, simulation and positioning of objects, and opportunities for collaboration are their core capabilities, as they also strive for increasing accessibility thanks to AR/VR innovations. 

Here at Kogifi, we want to integrate this type of innovation into Adobe, Salesforce, Sitecore and other Digital Marketing Platforms that will bring on a new level of customer experience and true SMART Omni-channel.



KOGIFI CONSULTING GROUP was founded after years of working in the business, delivering numerous projects, building successful organisations, and growing fruitful relationships with customers worldwide. Their goal is to turn visionary ideas and visions into successful projects.

They're Digital Marketing experts, specialising in Smart Commerce and omni-channel experience backed by AI, VR, AR and IoT connection.

Their customers are looking for solutions providing seamless customer experience across channels. They’re using Digital Marketing Platforms, powered by BigData and state-of-art AI. They utilize IoT to provide InStore navigation, personalised Digital Signage, and intelligent real-world interactions with audiences via smart, connected devices. They close the loop with AR and VR applications letting your users learn and interact with your products easily.

KOGIFI works closely and provides supports through technical teams to Digital Agencies, Marketing Agencies, PR Agencies and other Global Technology Partners, augmenting their visionary, creative and marketing teams.

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