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Managing revolutionary factories - Kogifi Automation

Małgorzata Strzelbicka, vice president of the Kogifi Consulting Group, an MBA graduate with the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management diploma, has been responsible from the beginning for establishing relationships with new clients and looking after key partners of the company, cooperation with city councilors and state institutions, as well as obtaining EU funds. An experienced business specialist with extensive knowledge in the field of Mixed Reality, today she proudly heads the new company: Kogifi Automation, as the President.

Kogifi Automation is based on many years of experience in business and IT. The company will focus in particular on the revolutionary technologies that have appeared in the last few years. The company's activity is focused in particular on modernizing existing businesses. Last year, the Kogifi Consulting Group implemented revolutionary automation solutions in blue-chip companies such as Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), Commscope and Fanuc. "We would like Polish and Global industry to be scattered with "Intelligent Factories" all over the world. We operate in many sectors and industries, we develop: Industry 4.0 (Industry 4.0); Production (Manufacturing), Mobility (Automotive), Medicine (Healthcare) and Telecommunications (Telecom). " - Małgorzata Strzelbicka, CEO of Kogifi Automation.


Technologie Kogifi Automation Sp. z o.o .:

Automation of internal processes in the enterprise

  • Robotic Process Automation (South Africa)
  • Integration of selected IT systems (ERP, CRM, Enterprise CMS)
  • ChatBot streamlines employee communications with HR, Finance and other departments

Robotization of production lines based on FANUC robots

  • Comprehensive design and implementation of robotic positions
  • Programming of automated workstations
  • Implementing solutions of modern Industry 4.0

A comprehensive process of implementing production line employees

  • Aidar Learning Management System (Aidar LMS)
  • Knowledge management in the company by creating, unifying and playing training
  • Optimization of knowledge acquisition time through the use of Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies

The motto of Kogifi Automation is a revolutionary Business based on ultra-modern, pioneering technology, ahead of the competition. The company promotes the mission of progressive, modern businesses focused on success. The knowledge and skills of the board and specialists set the precursors in solving existing customer problems, increasing their efficiency while minimizing costs and maximizing revenues.

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