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Kogifi invests in a German technology leader!

In August, the Polish start-up accelerator acquired shares of the German company MadeInPoint - the authors of MadeInHolo, an innovative solution in the field of work in augmented reality. The investment is not only a very important step for Kogifi Consulting Group, one that will allow the enterprise to enter the markets of the German-speaking countries, but it also means adding the considerably prospective AR and VR technologies the group’s portfolio. As a result of merging the knowledge bases of both companies’ specialists, it has been already possible to develop a solution fortransferring objects to augmented reality in just two hours.   

MadeInPoint GmbH specialises in consultancy services related to the SharePoint platform and Office 365. It is the German company that created the MadeInHolo brand - a team of specialists working on AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies. InAugust, 30 per cent of MadeInPoint shares were acquired by the Polish start-up accelerator Kogifi Consulting Group in a cross-border transaction.

Big potential

The step means notable benefits for both companies. The transaction will make it significantly easier for Kogifi to gain new clients on the German-speaking markets and enable the company to provide professional consultancy services with respect to the SharePoint marketwhile allowing MadeInPoint to broaden its range of services by adding technologies such as Adobe, Sitecore, and Salesforce to the portfolio. What’s particularly important to Kogifi is the shares in solutions delivered under the MadeInHolo brand, which is considerably ahead of its rivals as far as works on AR/VR are concerned. We see a big potential in the technologies developed by MadeInHolo, for instance,those consisting in building remote work support systems, service support, Saas platform development, or remote learning  – says Tomasz Gibas, President of Kogifi. The existing solutions and future projects are intended to contribute to achieving Kogifi Consulting Group’s key goal, which is the delivery of e-commerce services based on artificial intelligence systems.

From reality to AR in 2 hours

The investment’s immediate result is a new service created jointly by Kogifi and MadeInHolo, involving the transfer of elements of the real world to the virtual domain and using the photogrammetry technique and special scanners.The process was optimised to such an extent that it only takes two hours to transfer an element while costing a few times less than the previously applied practices. - The goal of the project is to speed up the sales of our business partners’ products thanks to the appealing format of augmented reality. The SMART-commerce trend is now continually gaining momentum, as it enables a new way to reach the consumer. Developing the consumer’s new habits is an opportunity which is today being tapped on by the most aware sellers - says Tomasz Gibas.Thanks to the combined technological bases and the continuously growing project team, we expect to be an important part on the coming revolution in the field of science, shopping, and - in a broader view - human interaction – says Marek Czarzbon, President of MadeInPoint, who currently also performs the role of adviser to Kogifion the subject of AR/VR platforms also working on the implementation of the emerging trends on smart e-commerce platforms. 


KOGIFI CONSULTING GROUP was founded after years of working in Digital Platform business, delivering numerous projects, building successful organisations, and growing fruitful relationships with customers worldwide. Their goal is to turn visionary ideas and visions into successful projects.

They're Digital Marketing experts, specialising in Smart Commerce and omni-channel experience backed by AI, VR, AR and IoT connection.

Their customers are looking for solutions providing seamless customer experience across channels. They’re using Digital Marketing Platforms, powered by BigData and state-of-art AI. They utilize IoT to provide InStore navigation, personalised Digital Signage, and intelligent real-world interactions with audiences via smart, connected devices. They close the loop with AR and VR applications letting your users learn and interact with your products easily.

KOGIFI works closely and provides supports through technical teams to Digital Agencies, Marketing Agencies, PR Agencies and other Global Technology Partners, augmenting their visionary, creative and marketing teams.

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