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Kogifi was founded on the foundation of outsourcing services in the IT sector. This is one of the simplest business models. Geo-politically - Poland is a perfect spot for competitive market prices per employee and high quality labor. Polish programmers are world-class specialists, who work for pioneers and blue-chip corporations. Google, HSBC, IBM, Intel, Saber are just a few examples of companies that saw Poland as a solid technical base.

We often start cooperation with providing companies dedicated teams of programmers and IT specialists. We start by transferring one, then two and later on, more IT experts. During the first stage, our specialists are becoming the part of the client's team and work according to the project manager's instructions. Such cooperation lasts from several months to even several years. It all depends on the definition of cooperation. Choosing the right engineer for a specific client project is a matter discussed individually. Sometimes these are very specific requirements, and sometimes only in the area of the most popular technological trends; such as Java, .NET or PHP. As you can easily guess, the competences of specialists have different market values.

Starting an outsourcing project depends on availability of specialists. Software houses such as Kogifi, always have several specialists on the so-called “bullpen”; just like in any football team and football match. However, if this is not the case, then the time to launch a specialist in the project is often between two and six weeks. The recruitment process and the notice period, as well as preceding part-time employment, are the way to go. Till now, we have built a recruitment process and efficient administration team. We have also signed contracts with recruitment agencies and partnerships with similar companies as ours, becoming additionally a hub of shared services guaranteeing quality and bearing the full risk of such a transaction.

The process of building a dedicated team to develop the client's vision requires; client’s time and the commitment, at least in the first months of work. At Kogifi, we engage a customer account manager and a dedicated outsourcing project manager. The latter collects technical requirements and having the HR, Administration and Recruitment departments at their disposal builds a list of matching candidates and then begins the selection of candidates together with the client. At this time, the account manager deals with legal aspects, the contract and subsequent orders for specialists selected in this way.

Such a team, created by Kogifi and made available to the client, is managed by the project manager on the client side. Kogifi provides the so-called local project manager who cares for the timeliness of deliveries, quality and the work tools of our specialists on behalf of the client.

Outsourcing projects are settled in the T&M (Time & Material) model, i.e. monthly reports of working time summed up and calculated according to predetermined conditions. The standard acceptance time for such a working time report is 7 days from issue, the report after a period of comments is used to issue an invoice with a standard 30-day payment period.

Taking care of employees, Kogifi ensures working conditions that meet market trends, including a full package of benefits, IT equipment compatible with the client's requirements and the possibility of remote work. Despite the five offices that we rent in Poland, the company urges employees to work remotely. We have a full range of technologies supporting such work.

We respect the time of our employees and try to minimize project overtime.

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Outsourcing in IT

Dedicated teams

Outsourcing in IT
  • Kogifi Team
  • 29/04/2020

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