Rescue is coming! Mixed Reality World.

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Rescue is coming! Mixed Reality World.

Kogifi Group will help to fight against a pandemic. Mixed Reality will protect employees from Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is rapidly spreading around the World. The number of sick and infected people is  on a peak and still rising rapidly. There are already more than 340.000 victims of a plague. The Polish government is taking many steps to defeat the virus. Kogifi has decided to undertake remote work, for the sake of its employees, clients and business partners. What is more, this is not a problem for a company with innovative technologies. Modern precautions are implemented by all companies that plan to survive dark age in XXI century history. Companies decide to work remotely, cancel business trips, automate production processes and try to limit contacts between employees. Mass events are transferred to the digital sphere; conferences, fairs, as well as presentations and internal meetings. In an effort to maintain business continuity, organizations are reaching for revolutionary technological solutions. The losses incurred and maintaining an unprofitable enterprise would often mean its bankruptcy. Therefore, today, companies adapting to the world after March 10th, 2020, are looking for innovative and unconventional business solutions. Answers on how to ensure business continuity while taking care of the each of us health is inevitable.

Mixed Reality in the age of pandemic

Many IT companies are fighting a gigantic threat. Already implementing new remote business solutions are: Google, Microsoft, Loom, Forbes8, Adobe and more. These companies provide assistance through free access to remote work tools, or support us digitally. Kogifi also wants to stop the virus and help companies, especially those, for which a simple tool such as messenger or teams will not help. Among other things; consulting, IT infrastructure maintenance and supervision of company branches needs a tool with immersive communication. Kogifi is already implementing these technologies in the World. We are experts in Virtual and Augmented Reality. Industry, both in Poland and abroad, is beginning to use the full potential of digital solutions. This technology enables the use of the high-efficiency training programs, minimalizing the contacts between employees, or e.g. automation of the production line process. Augmented and Virtual Reality is already in modern warehouses; e.g. service, automation of production line processes, audits or transfer of knowledge (know-how). A non-technical person on the line can receive full substantive support and will physically know how to perform all tasks.

Enterprises creating revolutionary mixed reality technologies have decided to help others by providing special financing for their services for the duration of the threat. - At Kogifi we implement our solutions in several places in Poland. Furthermore, many new companies started cooperation with us. We are introducing a special offer for Polish companies choosing our product. Currently, we conduct pre-implementation analysis for free, and we offer financing to this implementation to the companies deciding to buy it. Until the end of the year, we will also not collect full license fees - says Przemysław Maliszewski, CSO Kogifi. Kogifi has developed a training system to speed up processes within the company. AIDAR LMS, because this is the name of the training platform, supports technical and executive employees on production lines, factories and in everyday work, in mines, smelters, smithies and many other areas. In addition to typical training functionalities, the system provides the possibility of remote work and interaction in a larger group of employees, working on solving a given problem.

It is possible that the Polish government will financially support all market entities that would like to invest in remote work tools based on Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR / AR) out of concern for their citizens and employees. These modern technologies also help people with disabilities in their daily lives (Program of The Ministry of Investment and Economic Development: “Accessibility+”). -We work with many clients who base their success on the most experienced team members. They are often in their prime of their lives, with knowledge and experience, and are at risk of the current epidemic. - adds Przemysław Maliszewski, CSO Kogifi. In the interests of the Polish economy and the condition of Polish enterprises, Kogifi decides to provide access to the platform at the cost of implementation. Additional accessories such as Microsoft HoloLens glasses and HTC VR are available at market prices available in official sales channels.

Examples of industries:

  • Mining, metallurgy industries
  • Gas and other fuels, oil industry, extraction and production
  • Power industry, energy industry, management and maintenance of the network transmission
  • Production, manufacturing industry, support of processes on the production line
  • Food industry
  • Automotive, airline and any other similar industires
  • Construction industry, transfer of GIS maps, architectural designs
  • Access management, commercial office maintenance industry
  • Server-rooms, engine-rooms, hard to reach places
  • Fire, security and vision systems


Coronavirus not only endangers human health and lives, but also has hits the global economy. Companies are looking for new solutions in a "touchless" World. IT enterprises are implementing technologies that save the world from a pandemic, hopefully this period will soon remain only in the history books.

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Rescue is coming! Mixed Reality World.


Rescue is coming! Mixed Reality World.
  • Kogifi Team
  • 22/03/2020

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