Delivering ITIL based 24/7 support and managed hosting services

We are supporting online solutions 24/7

  • We are working according to ITIL ISO2000 Standards
  • Our support services teams are open 24/7 
  • We speak Polish, German, Swedish and English 


  • SLA
  • Dedicated SDM
  • Availability up to 24/7
Cost efficient
  • Low monthly fee
  • Consumption-based billing
  • Access to IT specialists at flat rate
  • ISO 20000 / ITIL Standard compliant
  • Proactive security management
  • Rapid incident response
  • Monthly reporting
  • Global availability monitoring
  • Access to customer portal

We are aware of the importance of maintaining online services

Our teams support online services of such clients as the British Council, IELTS, Orbico Group, Converse, Piwik Pro and many others. Each of our clients pays attention to the quality of service, working hours and the language we speak. In cooperation with us, we launch a special customer portal. You have access to our service via phone, email and the Jira system. Each problem reported is analyzed and resolved in accordance with the provisions of the SLA.

The service department is managed by customer account managers and a dedicated Service Delivery Manager. The first Tier works 24/7. The customer service department accepts applications in English, Polish, German and Swedish. Technical staff on the second and third Tiers are available according to the terms of the service contract from 8 to 24 hours a day, dealing with the resolution of the reported event. Service Delivery Manager sends monthly reports of occurrences and is available at weekly status meetings. Collects and analyzes data, also makes sure that the time spent supporting and optimizing the infrastructure is effectively focused on stabilizing and improving the efficiency of our clients' solutions.

In the background there are monitoring systems for both applications (e.g. Enterprise CMS websites, e-commerce stores or solutions such as CRM and ERP) and infrastructure, which constantly guard performance and security. In inflammatory time quanta, we offer and help you perform performance and security tests. We plan and help carry out system updates or service work so as not to affect our clients' business.

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