Smart Commerce The New Omni-Channel

Smart Commerce The New Omni-Channel

July 31, 2018


In today's fast-paced digital world, impressive logistics, a reasonable price, and a satisfactory product are the ingredients of a successful business. However, the bitter truth is that with the above-listed factors, there is little room for firms to edge out competitors. With every passing day, more and more is required for businesses to become global leaders in today's digital world.




As the expectations of consumers for a seamless digital experience continues to increase daily, marketing and sales teams must effectively collaborate. Digital marketers need to understand the A-Z of a customer's psychology, tailoring individualized messages to push customers to shop while the sales team has had to transfer customer information as well as the knowledge of general trends to the online world.


Becoming a leader in global online marketing requires a smart, collaborative technology. There are still a lot of small pieces that are a great asset to any business that knows how to use them. More prominent digital platform providers have all of these little pieces in one place. This helps to efficiently manage content, integrate with ERP and CRP systems, program personas while planning marketing reach down to the very last detail. This smart, collaborative tech masters data management, visualizes essential data while allowing marketing teams to digitally collaborate with customers.  This new collaborative technology is known as smart commerce. Smart commerce is a concept that has gone a long way in forging more profound shopper loyalty as well as driving revenue for businesses.



Smart commerce combines digital and e-commerce marketing platforms with AI, VR/AR and IoT to deliver a seamless commerce experience for customers across all platforms while collecting important data, insights, and facts about customer behavior along the way. The advancement in tech along with the introduction of AI bots, VR experience and Machine Learning in digital marketing has come with its challenge - fitting all these new innovative pieces from different sources into one place.

To truly create and encourage productive collaboration, businesses must go as far as designing a system that unifies all the independent sources of transaction data between customers and the business. Examples of such sources include Customer Relationship Management, E-commerce platforms, Point of Sale (POS), online shopping platforms, etc.


With such a unified system in place, merchandising decisions taken by the business would be based on credible information. Merchandising decisions become data-driven, informed, channel-specific as well as unequivocally transparent. Sales personnel that work inside the store can easily pull up relevant offline and online purchase history for every shopper that walks into the store. The relevance and importance of such a system don't just stop there. It can also be a big help for a customer service representative. Personnel working in the customer service department can help shoppers easily and fluidly, keeping up with shoppers as they bounce from physical sales channels to online sales platforms. Making use of smart tech that consolidates all form of online transactions should be a must for brands looking to create a holistic experience for shoppers and customers.


As mentioned earlier, combining all the little pieces that ensure efficient digital marketing in today's world can be a difficult task. However, they are small critical pieces. If a business uses a system that is devoid of AI, such a solution will only work like a spreadsheet. Consumers in today's world want salespeople to do more than simply bringing up a summary of their past transactions. Businesses need to make use of smart, valuable and unique data to create exceptional customer satisfaction and forge deeper relationships. It would interest you to know that companies already have this unique data - they are just hidden somewhere in the transaction data. When AI is applied to a system, invaluable customer and product data are unearthed from the masses of transaction day. In essence, AI and machine learning technology establish a parallel between customers and a listening brand audience.


Despite the complexities of smart commerce. There is no doubt that it is a vital system. With customers embracing the automated approach to customer service that accompanies the use of AI, AR/VR, Machine Learning, etc., customer satisfaction goes up in spades. Smart commerce allows businesses to attain digital maturity while making full utilization of their digital tools as well as transaction data.




KOGIFI CONSULTING GROUP was founded after years of working in the business, delivering numerous projects, building successful organisations, and growing fruitful relationships with customers worldwide. Their goal is to turn visionary ideas and visions into successful projects.


They're Digital Marketing experts, specialising in Smart Commerce and omni-channel experience backed by AI, VR, AR and IoT connection.


Their customers are looking for solutions providing seamless customer experience across channels. They’re using Digital Marketing Platforms, powered by BigData and state-of-art AI. They utilize IoT to provide InStore navigation, personalised Digital Signage, and intelligent real-world interactions with audiences via smart, connected devices. They close the loop with AR and VR applications letting your users learn and interact with your products easily.


KOGIFI works closely and provides supports through technical teams to Digital Agencies, Marketing Agencies, PR Agencies and other Global Technology Partners, augmenting their visionary, creative and marketing teams.



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