Kogifi invests in IamBot

Kogifi invests in IamBot

August 2, 2018

IamBot is one of the most famous Polish startups which reached the Silicon Valley and one of the 50 best startups in retail according to Insider Trends magazine. Kogifi Consulting Group – renowned in Poland for their first Polish voice assistant – has just announced the purchase of an investment package in IamBot project, introducing it into the company’s portfolio.




IamBot is a sales bot, namely an automated retailer equipped with artificial intelligence allowing it to have an autonomous conversation with the client with regard to selling products and services, recommending new purchases or providing advice for purchases already made.


Customers of shops using IamBot technology may use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat or Viber communicators or Google and Amazon voice assistants to converse with the bot. As a technological innovation, IamBot was the laureate of (R)TECH Award (awarded by RILA, a retail leaders’ association) as one of the most ground-breaking startups of 2018.


‘We are delighted with the finalization of this investment, which is perfectly aligned with our vision for supporting startups based on the notion of smart commerce,’ says Tomasz Gibas, recently promoted to the position of Kogifi chairperson.


‘IamBot allows us to supplement our offer, which already has solutions for digital marketing, AI and AR technologies and startups, such as our native voice assistant. Our company is already working on the integration of IamBot technology with the leading marketing and e-commerce platforms,’ added Jakub Koba, technical manager and digital marketing specialist at Kogifi group.


IamBot is going to function independently (Kogifi will use the technology in their consulting projects) and service a growing number of global clientele. Paweł Kołacz, chairperson, a devoted startup entrepreneur and a designer of multiple solutions for retail sale, joined a special R&D unit focused on developing and integrating SMART solutions in Kogifi.




KOGIFI CONSULTING GROUP was founded after years of working in the business, delivering numerous projects, building successful organisations, and growing fruitful relationships with customers worldwide. Their goal is to turn visionary ideas and visions into successful projects.


They're Digital Marketing experts, specialising in Smart Commerce and omni-channel experience backed by AI, VR, AR and IoT connection.


Their customers are looking for solutions providing seamless customer experience across channels. They’re using Digital Marketing Platforms, powered by BigData and state-of-art AI. They utilize IoT to provide InStore navigation, personalised Digital Signage, and intelligent real-world interactions with audiences via smart, connected devices. They close the loop with AR and VR applications letting your users learn and interact with your products easily.


KOGIFI works closely and provides supports through technical teams to Digital Agencies, Marketing Agencies, PR Agencies and other Global Technology Partners, augmenting their visionary, creative and marketing teams.



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