We are ready for XMAS

We are ready for XMAS

December 13, 2018

Dear all, thank you for wonderful year!


It was amazing in many ways. We had so much fun glueing together this many team members across Poland again. Kogifi Consulting Group have opened offices in Bielsko Biala, Bialystok, Gliwice and Wroclaw, all this to pursue our clients success and satisfaction.


We have been nominated to many awards for our unique approach to IT projects. We have gained great technological partnerships and introduced so may certifications in EpiSitecore. We have become Microsoft Partner and delivered couple of SharePoint projects to great global brands. We have become Nvidia inception program member and focused on big data and AI, taking SMART commerce to the next level.




We have invested in MadeInPoint, which is also MadeInHolo, where we have created two products, one in SharePoint and the other one in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and integrated in our expertise.

We have invested, and integrated in our expertise, IamBot, intelligent chat bot which helps our clients customers make right sales decision over the Internet.

We have invested in refair.me, dedicated recruitment platforms, which helps our clients in building their IT teams.

Finally we have invested, and integrated to our services, SEREMI, first polish speaking smart speaker, which got us familiar with v-commerce and helped gain experience in this area as well. We got experienced with Amazon and Google speakers on the way. 


Investments were taken to bring SMART pieces into our regular Digital Platforms and Digital marketing Offering. Today we help customers reinvent their Digital Presence and help them use full Omnichannel Experience. Automated ChatBots, AI based decisions, VR and AR product presentations are add ons helping our customers Return better on their Investments in Adobe, Drupal, Epi & Sitecore.


All this wouldn't be possible without our great clients, which we have had honour serving with our boutique offering in SMART Commerce, Digital Marketing and Outsourcing services.


Dear customers, thank you for your trust!

Dear partners, thank you for your support! 


Happy Season Greetings and Happy New Year!

Kogifi Consulting Group Team



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