Edge Experience Hackathon

Edge Experience Hackathon

October 14, 2019


After 24 hours of unbearably demanding struggle in creating new program, our developers rocked it out.
KOGIFI Team won the first place in category of the best app!

27 and 28th in Krakov took place digitally incredible event: Edge Experience Hackathon, where IT-developers from all around the world could gather and compete in programming new exciting applications. Edge Experience Hackathon is a global initiative, is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development work intensively on IT projects.


Edge Experience Hackathon was created for developers by developers in line with the "no bullsh!t" principle. The future is knocking to our doors, especially in advancement of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, ML and GAMEDEV.  The edge computing in 5G solutions will get rid of sluggish transmission rate and latency cease to matter, soon it will be possible to generate even the most complex objects and transfer them to dedicated devices in a way that prevents the human eye from distinguishing them from real objects. During the event competitors were challenged in: Multi-player Gaming, Real-Time Video Analytics and Industrial Augmented Reality.




KOGIFI Team composed of Adam Dłubak, Adrian Olszowski and leader Marek Czarzbon, took challenge in  developing innovative application in Augmented Reality in 24 hours! and... won the first place! But... let's start from that: what AR is really about? It is about describing the destiny of the internet and freeing the user's hands from the need to use the keyboard, mouse, joystick, or touch screen. Users will be able to use their favorite devices in very convenient way. It will bring even more benefit to those performing complex engineering operations professionally. KOGIFI Team developed the app for industrial use, which examines and understands complex systems with higher levels of detail. User can inspect internal interior without having to strip it down. In the future, staff members will be using this sets to train their coworkers on a variety of manufacturing tasks.




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