AIDAR at Augmented World Expo 2019

AIDAR at Augmented World Expo 2019

November 12, 2019


AWE is the world’s most essential AR+VR conference and expo, with annual dates in the USA, Asia, Israel and Europe, as well as meetup chapters around the world. AWE brought together a diverse mix of CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, designers, developers, creative agencies, futurists, analysts, investors, founders and top press in a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn, inspire, partner, and experience first-hand the most exciting industry of our times. Digi-Capital Immersive Experience Market Growth shows that by 2023 estimation of the projects for XR markets is: a VR market $10-15B and for an AR market: $70-75B. What you could find interesting, KOGIFI Consulting Group during AWE showed VR and AR solutions, and leads in industry development. One of the most brilliant project is AIDAR.  Here you can find more information about it.


Cross reality intertwine with the existence of human being. Is it scary? A little. Will it improve lives of millions; of Nations? Yes. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality dives deeply in many diverse market branches. Healthcare, Education, Entertainment Industry and even Architecture, will never be the same in few years. The rate of change that we've experienced in manufacture industry has enabled industries to take leaps and bounds in becoming more efficient and affordable. AR/VR is a modern Excalibur. Whoever has it, has the power. Specialists call it the greatest disruptive technology since The Internet!

Over the next few years wearable holographic glasses will be as much popular as smartphones. Why? It gives you experience, as you have never felt and seen before, and what is crucial – makes life simple. What does it resemble in the industry?  Service engineers from every place in The World can cooperate with global experts specializing in different fields. During the communication, a service engineer who needs help, can share in real time everything what is around him. The expertise will be virtually present on the factory floor within a few minutes. Years ago experts had to fly to remote locations in various countries. It required significantly more time, energy and money. Denying the positive effects and benefits of Cross Reality changes would be shortsighted. XR Technologies became affordable, efficient and accessible. Supply chains are being reconfigured into ecosystems. It is win-win for everybody. Environmental benefits are: sustainability, productivity and worker-flexibility - continuously increasing the advance of production, reducing errors and decreasing waste of the product.


During Augmented World Expo near-term applications were for industrial uses, especially for factory/field troubleshooting and games to drive economic growth. “5G advanced outdoor delivery will coordinate with Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax), inside a home, to provide full duplex (bi-directional) high performance communication, needed to support VR and AR experiences. Storage capacity growth could rise from 750 GB/hour to 24.4 TB/hour” - Dave Ward. It shows that development of the industry will rapidly peak, because the technology is right around the corner, and everybody is going to take peak pretty soon.










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