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Smart shopping is when technologies play together

Although the idea of omnichannel commerce experience evolves for last 20 years, only recently it more achievable thanks to mariage and rapid evolution of Digital Marketing Platforms, BigData, AI and immersive experiences technologies.

Smart Commerce is more than just an e-commerce. It integrates several technologies to form an ecosystem which delivers unique and truly personal experiences across channels and enables sellers to understand their customers in 360 degree view.


Kogifi is a leading expert in Digital Marketing and technology integrations enabling Smart Commerce solutions. 



Digital Marketing Platforms as Sitecore XP or Adobe AEM power end-to-end online presence, content management and delivery as well as personalisation, optimisation and analytics.



AR/VR technologies deliver new way of product experiences through immersive presentation and increased engagement. Our AR/VR solutions will enable your customers see, feel and interact with your products.



We're connecting beacons to Digital Marketing Platforms and e-commerce to deliver in-store analytics and personalisation. Our connected smart devices and mobile apps enhance customer in-store experience by enabling in-store navigation, smart fitting, or personalised recommendations.



The next-generation, AI-powered analytics automatically recognise and segment audience; recognise customer behaviour in CCTV feeds and enhance visual merchandising. Intelligent Bots improve customer service and provide 24/7 access to product support.

Welcome to our smart store!

In our smart store, your customers are provided with top-notch customer service enabled by state-of-art technology solutions:

  • Beacons - provide in-store navigation guiding your customer to the products of their interest. In the same time, beacon powered analytics provide invaluable analytics of customer behaviour enabling better targeting and personalisation 

  • Digital KIOSK - connected to your Digital Marketing Platform and mobile app, it provides a personalised product viewing experience

  • AR Mobile Apps - no product variant on the shelf? No problem! AR app will enable customer to see the products in augmented reality

  • Smart Mirror - how making mirror-fitting an up-sell and cross-sell occasion? The smart mirror will provide personalised matching products suggestions and will enable AR fitting experience. Matching a blouse with pair of new earrings was never easier!


Would you like to learn more about our offering? Please contact me directly - Tomasz Gibas, CEO 

ul. Legnicka 50, 54-204 Wrocław, Poland

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