We design, implement and maintain online stores

We support companies during a pandemic!

  • We used a model known from the start-up world to build a fast, working MVP solution within 3 weeks.
  • We provide further development in an hourly or monthly subscription model.
  • We maintain solutions from the side of IT and application infrastructure.


Finished in 3 weeks
  • Graphic design
  • Three product pages:
    • 50 products
  • Payment gateway
  • Shipping system
Further development
  • Additional subpages
  • Integration of Analytics
  • Integration with CRM and ERP systems
  • Development of functionality
Maintenance 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Cloud solution
  • Application support 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • High SL
Digital marketing
  • Further creation and design
  • Creating content and product description
  • SEO/SEM optimization
  • Omnichannel strategy

We help enterprises to quickly address the need to go on-line!

The pandemic that covered the world at the beginning of 2020 meant that the word e-commerce was named in all cases. This is not surprising, because only companies operating in the on-line world were able not only to defend themselves against the negative effects of the situation but, to a large extent, even become its beneficiaries.

The eCommerce sector recorded a significant increase in sales in many market segments in all countries affected by the pandemic. This clearly shows us that the company's presence on the e-commerce market is not only a temporary fashion or an effective addition to the existing business conducted in the traditional model. E-commerce is a must for all companies wanting to secure their existence in uncertain times. Being in this market requires finding a proven technology partner, which undoubtedly is the Kogifi company. Our company offers a wide package of services and products that will allow your organization to successfully start operating in the world of commerce. Kogifi not only offers the construction, reconstruction, or expansion of online stores based on proven platforms like Adobe Magento, Adobe Experience Manager, or Sitecore, alternatively also Umbraco from eCommerce and many others.

The company has also designed a system based on virtual and augmented reality for browsing products and trying them on virtually. In addition, the company implements a unique chatbot enabling companies to automate expanded client service, which provides the possibility of a significant increase in system capacity, and thus an increase in the number of transactions. Thanks to the Kogifi offer, you will reach clients regardless of where they are at a given moment. Due to the current market situation associated with the prevailing pandemic, we decided to introduce a simplified production model that ensures the effective transition of the business to the Internet. In addition, we are increasing the presence of existing e-commerce stores with new functionalities, trying to create additional market value. Ask for details!

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