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In our cycle describing the advantages of Adobe AEM, we have already touched upon the technical issues that make it such a highly valued Enterprise CMS platform. We also described who should reach for this CMS. Now it's time to move on to the specifics, i.e. showing customer success stories, where we will see how many global companies have implemented Adobe AEM solutions and were able to take advantage of their possibilities in order to develop their businesses and make them even better.

Significant increase in revenues

The goal of most businesses in the world is profit. It cannot be achieved without continuous product development, entering new markets and, of course, gaining new customers and thus increasing sales. How Adobe can help in such activities is shown in the case study of the well-known company Helly Hansen, a manufacturer of sailing clothing and equipment. Due to the company's international expansion, in 2016 it was decided to implement the Adobe Magento eCommerce platform. Thanks to its integration with Adobe AEM, it was possible to create 55 online stores with a choice of 7 national languages ​​and various payment and delivery methods. "We have experienced tremendous growth." - Chris Hammond, Chief Digital Officer, Helly Hansen sums up briefly. They achieved a 40% increase in revenues, a 20% increase in website traffic, and a 37% increase in traffic from mobile devices.

Better reaching customers through online channels

Anyone running an online business knows that reaching as many potential customers as possible is the key to success in the modern world. In the context of the use of Adobe tools, the example of NCMEC, an organization dealing with the search for missing children, can be cited. In the case of such activities, it is particularly important to quickly and correctly reach as many people as possible who could help in the search for missing children, often many years earlier. NCMEC, apart from Adobe AEM, used tools such as Creative Cloud for Enterprise, Document Cloud, Experience Manager, and Adobe Customer Solutions. Thanks to the work on the above-mentioned tools from the Adobe stable, among others, reduce the bounce rate by 75%, make as much as 90% of visits to the website end with clicks and increase the number of visits to the website by 48%. In practice, this means that many more missing children have a chance of finding their families.

Landing page ready in just 1 day!

Time is money! Everyone knows this old business saying, and despite the passage of time, it continues to hold true. On the contrary, in today's market, the one who is faster wins. Speed ​​in the online world is the necessity to launch web projects as quickly as possible, such as new landing pages or campaigns in online channels. As an example of express action, the company Mercy Health, which was able to create a landing page informing patients about the situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to the speed of creating such a website, of course, its user-friendliness and the ability to personalize communication and efficient patient-company contact were also important. The use of tools offered by Adobe AEM is a perfect example of introducing digital transformation in healthcare, where digital standards were not the highest. Patients could now not only pay their bills through mercy.net, but also schedule appointments, review lab results, and access self-service information.

Unlimited flexibility and creativity of solutions

An example of the great power of Adobe Experience Manager is undoubtedly the case study of Sony Interactive Entertainment dealing with the gaming market. The challenge, in this case, was to provide better support for accessing websites from desktop computers, gaming devices, and mobile devices, introduce more frequent website and content updates and accelerate the creation of new websites and their content with your own internal team. "By gradually increasing user interest in the game, we can introduce purchase links or timely details to improve conversion rates" - says Takehiro Akiba, Director of Network Management, Marketing Communications Department, and CRM Director, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia. “This method was basically impossible with previous systems. Now that we can create responsive websites with Adobe Experience Manager, we don't have to worry about system constraints, development costs, or lead times when considering site improvements. Instead, we can focus on planning and design. From now on, we would like to regularly improve the site." - concludes Akiba.

Online campaigns in 1 day

Using Enterprise CMS Adobe AEM is not only the ability to quickly put up good landing pages, but also the ability to quickly prepare and launch advertising campaigns on the Internet. This is perfectly demonstrated by the example of TiVo Internet TV, for which AEM integration was a milestone, enabling the marketing team to implement new and diversified campaigns, build a seamless customer journey on their trading platform, conduct A / B testing and deliver more personalized content. "Adobe Experience Cloud solutions are key to understanding what consumers want and delivering the products and services they need - establishing relationships from purchase to purchase and more” - said Ted Malone, vice president, Consumer Products and Services, TiVo. Could there be a better recommendation for all businesses operating in the online world?

Drop-in translation costs

Briggs & Stratton specializes in a wide range of outdoor and power equipment, including generators, snowblowers, and small engines that power, for example, mowers. With such a large range of products, it is important that customers have convenient and easy access to all kinds of manuals, manuals, and catalogs. Of course, nowadays, this access must be possible in online channels, and the materials themselves are easy to download, view (regardless of the device), and print, and personalized for the end-user in terms of language (the company uses 28 languages). All these requirements meant that the work on the materials was long and laborious, and any changes required subsequent expenditure. Adobe Experience Manager came to the rescue, which enabled a significant reduction in the production of materials, their quick update, and, of course, reduced the costs of translations by around 25%. In addition, the use of existing content was increased by approximately 15%.

Higher open rates

One of the industries where consumer behavior and the market environment have changed the most in recent years is the automotive industry. While a few years ago people who wanted to buy a new car visited dealers' websites many times, recently they did it only 2.6 times on average. This means that they only visited dealers' websites when they knew what they wanted to buy. As a result of such a significant decrease in personal interactions between the client and the producer, it was necessary to use tools that would allow the company to get to know and understand its client better. It was no different in the case of the well-known Japanese brand, Nissan, which decided to implement Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. Thanks to these innovations, it was possible, among other things, to increase conversion rates through content optimization, to obtain 200% higher rates of openings and click-through rates in e-mail campaigns. Of course, all this translated into an increase in sales of this brand's cars.

Switching to "mobile-first"

Kao Corporation develops beauty, healthcare, fabric, and household products. Each year, the company introduces over 1,000 new products to the market, for which it needs over 250 websites and over 500,000 websites and other digital resources. Of course, these resources must be available in multiple languages ​​and on multiple devices. By using Adobe Experience Manager, Kao started creating templates to launch a website dedicated to mobile devices. It was a response to the steadily and rapidly growing share of mobile devices as sources of traffic on corporate websites around the world. Thanks to the implementation of Adobe solutions, it was possible to increase the speed of updating mobile pages by 20%, simplify the workflow, provide greater flexibility and create better projects regardless of the programming potential.

For more Adobe AEM customer success stories, visit the Adobe website.

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