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Change of Scandinavia 

Change Lingerie needed to rebuild its Sitecore solution and optimise its hosting infrastructure.

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Orbico Style

Orbico Style began active sales of its clients' products on-line using the Adobe Magento solution. Incorrectly implemented CMS has many negative consequences.

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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise was very limited in its operations. The ability to use all the functionality of the Sitecore platform was a priority.

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Piwik PRO

Piwik Pro sought support in the design and development of part of their solution being a plugin for Microsoft SharePoint.

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Kogifi was founded on the basis of many­ year experience in consulting and development of IT products, perfectly understands how digital transformation can affect your business and why it is crucial for your company. Kogifi, which started its operations as a Software House offering dedicated IT teams and the so-called bodyleasing, expanded both its portfolio of completed projects and the product offer with each month of activity.

The constant, dynamic development of Kogifi has resulted in the fact that now it is not only a company offering typical IT outsourcing, creation and implementation of intranet, CMS, CRM systems, ERP, or e-commerce stores based on known and proven platforms such as Adobe Magento, Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore and Microsoft SharePoint. It is also, or perhaps above all, a consulting company and marketing agency in one that is able to carry out effective advertising campaigns in various Internet marketing channels. The last period involved intensive work on innovative products of the company based on virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

This is how unique solutions were created, inter alia IAMBOT and AIDAR LMS. The first of them is a unique chatbot enabling companies to involve expanded automate client service, which brings the possibility of a significant increase in system capacity, and thus an increase in the number of transactions. AIDAR LMS is a unique system supporting knowledge transfer and employee training. It is based on the latest solutions in the area of ​​Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Thanks to the ability to acquire and combine knowledge and technical skills, on the one hand, and marketing approach, on the other hand, Kogifi becomes the perfect partner for difficult times, which will guide you and your organization through winding and bumpy paths of digital transformation. We are available for you 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Trust us!

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