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Last year we reported the arrival of Sitecore vol. 10. This was a great opportunity for those who were using version 8 and earlier for an upgrade. If someone still has not done so, the 10.1 edition has just appeared, which introduces further improvements for users, making working on and using the Sitecore platform even easier and more efficient. Let's follow what's new in the last update!

Easier upgrade

Anyone who has dealt with upgrading from older Sitecore versions to newer ones knows that this is not an easy matter. Sitecore has simplified this process by introducing a new update methodology. There is also an Upgrade Guide that shows how to downgrade from version 8.1.0 or earlier to Sitecore XP 10.1.0.

Changes to the Horizon page editor

There are a few new features and a few improvements in existing functionality. As for the former, in the Horizon page editor you can search for pages, content and multimedia elements as well as create and edit data source elements. As for the improvements, you can publish items with sub-items and edit link and number fields, and edit checklists and drop-down menu fields in Horizon Content.

Something for marketers

When it comes to digital marketing functionalities, the latest version allows you to assign profile cards to a single element or multiple elements.

Better and better forms

In the new version of Sitecore XP, a lot of changes concern forms. Among the novelties are:
- To make the work of form designers easier, you can create an auto-complete list of available CSS class options for each field type using easy-to-understand names.
- Web form validation ensures that the site visitor enters the correct value in its field. New is the details of creating a custom validation or validator.
- You can now automatically send an email with the email forwarding action.

Proven partner

Kogifi Digital is a Sitecore partner who has been successfully and quickly helping companies from Poland and the world in the implementation, updates, maintenance and development of Enterprise CMS platforms.

You can find more information about the changes and their documentation here.

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