We are your REMOTE team delivering services from Poland 

Outsourcing is one of the ways to engage Kogifi Team

  • The outsourcing service at Kogifi consists of creating and hiring dedicated teams of IT specialists
  • Our programmers work remotely from offices located in Poland
  • We are part of the European Union, we often travel and always come out with such a proposal first
  • We work on dedicated cloud solutions and use modern online communication platforms. We are available 24/7


Dedicated teams
  • We build dedicated teams
  • We have over 100 in-house specialists 
  • We have access to over 500 IT specialists in Poland
Extended Team
  • Our IT specialists are part of your team
  • We speak fluent English
  • We fly in for Demo and Retrospection meetings
Relationship management
  • Your dedicated team will have our Local Project Management to address daily routines, time reporting, holidays and other matters 
Client management
  • One of our sales representative will be your main contact during our engagement

We understand the importance of confidentiality and partnership

We have been providing our IT Outsourcing Support and Services to many partners and clients globally. We know how important it is to be part of our client's team. We are working towards your strategic goals! Customer care determines the demand for a dedicated team, the monthly number of hours of design competences according to which the team is built is determined. Dedicated teams are built for a minimum of six months, for which the client is obliged to cover the costs. We have foreseen lower rates for the period when the client does not use part of the team waiting for the requirements to come down or waiting for another team with their work.

We work in the JAVA .NET and PHP competences as the main programming languages ​​for web applications as well as a dedicated desktop and mobile applications. Our team consists of specialists focusing on the Back-End, Front-end, and DevOps parts. We have a large team of graphic designers, analysts, and testers supporting project work. Dedicated it outsourcing project managers help to manage sick leave, assigned team members, and manage their performance. Every month, the client receives a summary of hours worked divided into assigned projects, distinguishing whether a given consultant was active in the project all the time, or was waiting for a new job, or was on vacation. The client has a constant ability to manage and influence the work of the team. Its shape and expansion plan planned in time with the client's supervisor. The design hours worked are registered in the Jira system on the Kogifi or other sites specified by the client. Consultants travel to clients for project meetings, meetings are planned in advance with the client's account manager. Travel, accommodation, and travel time are covered by the customer. An allowance in the amount individually agreed upon is added to travel projects.

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