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  • According to statistical surveys, as many as 87% of companies believe that they require the implementation of innovative business technologies
  • The competitiveness of enterprises lies in the area of ​​efficiently operating IT systems
  • The key to success is choosing an experienced technology partner
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  • AWS, Azure, Google
  • Private cloud
  • Systems migration
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Cyber security
  • Penetration tests

Discover the power of digital transformation

Digital Transformation is a concept known for years around the world. It means using modern digital technologies to modify current or create entirely new business processes, company organizational culture, or client experience in order to meet dynamically changing market requirements. However, simply knowing the definition of the phenomenon and being aware of its existence is not enough to meet the expectations of modern markets and current clients. Many companies have already found this out. They have not kept up with, inter alia, changing clients' shopping habits and have gone bankrupt or lost market share. On the other hand, probably each of us knows stories of start-ups, which appear out of nowhere, and in a few years, due to digital technologies, were able to revolutionize markets and take clients from organizations that could not or did not want to follow the path of digital transformation.

The coronavirus epidemic, which took over the whole world at the beginning of 2020, meant that digital transformation for many companies or even entire industries became a matter of their market to be or not to be. During the week, clients' shopping preferences changed completely. The big winners were those who had already undergone the digital transformation and were present in the on-line world. Representatives of the off-line world lost. This situation certainly became a huge catalyst for change and an incentive to significantly accelerate the implementation of digital transformation in many companies around the world. The adjusted ones will be the winners. At this point, Kogifi, which has been successfully helping companies in the efficient implementation of digital transformation for years, enters the game.

This assistance covers all stages of such a transformation, from analysis and audit of the company's current structure and business processes, to design changes, their implementation, and subsequent monitoring, service, and support. Cooperation with such an experienced partner as the Kogifi means that the digital transformation process is fast and efficient, which then gives results in the form of gaining new market opportunities and drawing profits from it. The integration of innovative technologies and services transforms enterprises into the most recognizable and modern companies in the world. In cooperation with the Kogifi brand, companies achieve operational efficiency and gain a competitive advantage. We help unleash the true potential of computerization, reduce project delivery time, and make the most of your investments! After all, we are digital transformation technologists!

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Kogifi is now part of Digital Agencies Network

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Kogifi is now part of Digital Agencies Network
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Our clients' success stories:

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

One of the most innovative Mercedes factories in the world has equipped its training team with the AIDAR LMS solution.

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Change of Scandinavia 

Change Lingerie needed to rebuild its Sitecore solution and optimise its hosting infrastructure.

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Piwik PRO

Piwik Pro sought support in the design and development of part of their solution being a plugin for Microsoft SharePoint.

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Orbico Style

Orbico Style began active sales of its clients' products on-line using the Adobe Magento solution. Incorrectly implemented CMS has many negative consequences.

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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise was very limited in its operations. The ability to use all the functionality of the Sitecore platform was a priority.

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