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UX/UI Design

Grecos is a leading travel agency specializing in curated holiday packages to Greece, offering travelers a gateway to exploring the breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture of this iconic destination. With a focus on personalized travel experiences, Grecos provides a wide range of options from beach holidays to cultural tours, ensuring that every trip is tailored to meet the unique preferences of each traveler.

the challenge

The portal outdated look & feel

• Complicated multi-step deployments

Concerns about user experience in terms of readability and reachability

Low level of Sitecore enablementing execution of contextual experiences integration with other portals containing content displayed on the website

•Maintaing legacy integrations
available throught entire reservations system

Adjustments of the portal to current legal standards

our solution

Scalable monolithic architecture with heavy reliance on external services

Content and component centered approach that optimizes user experience

Evaluation and development of digital journeys as a basis of future implementation and development

Delivery on top of Sitecore platform, heavily contextualised and personalised

the results

• We created customized information offering based on customer behavior.

Produce content for different channels in one place

Reduced load times and reliability globally thanks to infrastructure resiliency and flexible application delivery solution

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